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One size fits most – black is slightly larger – not for head size larger than XL // 7+3/4 // 63cm

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100% Cotton

馃寪 Nug-Net Class of 2022 Bandcamp Exclusive
馃寪 100% Nug-Net Class of 2022
馃摶 [RADIO LIMO] Episode 2: James Andrew
馃摵 馃帴 [BOILER ROOMxPICNIC] Gene On Earth
馃摑 [Press Article] MIXMAG: How cartoon crate digger Gene On Earth embraced musical storytelling

MIXMAG Interview

“Gene On Earth stands at roughly three inches tall and is cute as a bug between his yellow short-sleeve button-down and denim jeans. He’s moustachioed and flecked with polka dots, like a Roy Lichtenstein painting. Gene On Earth takes perpetual drags from a cigarette and has a smirk that asks, “you like what you hear?”….

馃摵 馃帴 Chuggy Elements MUSIC VIDEO by Angela Kirkwood

Video by Angela Kirkwood

馃挘 [LD007] Gene On Earth – Time On The Vine (Stream Links)

Stream LD007

馃寪 [Nug-Net 02] Various Artists – Class of 2021 (Part 2) (Shop Links)

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馃寪 [Nug-Net 01] Various Artists – Class of 2021 (Part 1) (Shop Links)

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馃嚭馃嚘 [Ukraine Fundraiser] Gene On Earth – A New Start

In light of the invasion of Ukraine, I am releasing this track in order to donate 100% of the profits to the benefit of Ukrainian refugees. It鈥檚 the first track I have written in a full year due to an injury which kept me out of the studio since last March.

One of my closest friends, Dave Redmond, lives in Krakow, Poland. Despite recently welcoming his first child into the world with his partner Eliza, he has still found the time to organize a fundraiser to help refugees entering Krakow. Read more about it below.

Gene On Earth 鈥 A New Start

鈥淗ello, my name is Dave Redmond, and I have set up this GoFundMe to support Ukrainian families in Krakow, fleeing the brutal Russian invasion of their home country.

I live in Krakow and my friends have turned their bar (Sekta) into a makeshift hostel to provide refugee women and children with shelter, food, medical assistance and legal advice.

The funds we raise will go entirely towards providing urgent essential assistance for these refugees, and also helping these families find more suitable accommodation here in Krakow.

While the Polish government has offered free medical and legal assistance for Ukrainian refugees, these services are overwhelmed and often slow. Therefore, we want to use the money raised to speed up these processes and get these families the help they need as quickly as possible.

Since the invasion last week, many friends have reached out to me directly to offer support here in Krakow, and after giving it much thought, I feel this is the most transparent and rapid way of helping. So if you are in a position to support this fund, please do. If you have friends or family that would like to contribute, please feel free to share.

Thanking you in advance

Dave x


Thank you to Tim Xavier and Manmade Mastering for contributing mastering for this track pro-bono.


馃寪 Nug-Net Class of 2021 Bandcamp Exclusive
馃摶 [RADIO LIMO] Episode 1: Andrew James Gustav

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