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Donnie Cosmo

Donnie Cosmo


Since his beginnings in music and the nightlife of Medellin, Colombian DJ and producer Donnie Cosmo, formerly known as DCM; had an affair with house music and its purest roots: jazz, funk and disco. With releases on labels such as Discos Nutabe, Pulse Music, Ordinaire Records, Backdoor Records, Limousine Dream, and his own Shuffle Valley, he has been attracting music enthusiasts from all over the world, becoming one of the most prolific producers of Colombia nowadays.

Over the past few years, Donnie has evolved as an artist and developed a deeper sound exploration when making music as well as when playing in Colombian venues, mixing, and producing effortlessly a wide range of styles, from 90s style tech groovers to uplifting breaks with retro futuristic aesthetics and catchy melodies.



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