Limousine Dream


Gene On Earth – Time On The Vine (Club Mixes)

An all-star cast of remixers have gotten their hands on Gene On Earth’s second album, Time On The Vine, with the task of making club remixes of the album’s offtempo cuts. Sweely, Roza Terenzi, D. Tiffany, Youandewan, and Gene himself all turn in stellar effots.


Gene On Earth – Time On The Vine

After being marooned in a small beach town in Brazil at the start of the pandemic, California-born Gene On Earth eventually made it home to Berlin. As the reality of the global situation sunk in, he set to work on his second album, working in an obsessive daily rhythm. After gathering an arsenal of samples and inspiration he returned to the studio for 5 months of feverish work. Set for release on June 3rd via his own imprint Limousine Dream, ‘Time on The Vine’ is a slick record delivered with the laid-back warmth of a producer at the top of his game. Breezy yet assured, its wonky minimal rhythms are as feel good as they are fun, a perfect antidote to the long and waning pandemic that birthed them.


Gene On Earth – Super Blue

Gene looked to the vast heavens above for a sign – the longest summer had left more questions than answers. After much contemplation, he spread his wings and took to the skies. Amongst the clouds everything was beautiful.


Gene On Earth – The Juggler E.P.

Part V: Gene looked up at the mass of signs and stars in the sky, and for the first time understood the gentle indifference of the world. He did not know whether he was nearing the end or the beginning, but he did know one thing: no matter what was going to happen next, he wanted to be there.


Gene On Earth – Local Fuzz

Just a few months since arriving to town and Gene has already found himself way in over his head. Several fortnights wiled away in the Rebound Lounge weren’t going to make a man’s life better – that’s as sure as sunrise.

Just as sure was that the Discount Boys weren’t going to let him skip town without paying his due. Only from the prudent counsel of the canine oracle down in Chinatown does he manage to pull his head out of the sand and see the light.

A swift flight out the gates and across the neon dunes to the East provides a brief respite – ‘brief’ being the operative word. The Discount Boys were one thing to contend with, but the Local Fuzz are another ballgame.


Gene On Earth – Gary Town E.P.

Gene stumbles down the causeway guided only by the faint glimmer of the Milky Way, lightyears above him. A dim glow on the horizon slowly blossoms into a shimmering beacon. What at first appears to be but a fleeting mirage he soon understands to be the terminus he has sought so long – Gary Town beckons.


Gene On Earth – Top Cat E​.​P.

Top Cat is the next chapter in Gene on Earth’s story. Hurdling down a jet black road, the sun’s rays bounce blindingly off the pavement when a chance encounter stops Gene dead in his tracks. Though it lasts only a second, not even long enough to say a word, he knows it’s meaning. A sharp left turn is his only choice.


Gene On Earth – Lazybones E​.​P.

Lazybones is the debut EP from a new character in town, Gene on Earth. He awakens in the hazy sunlight of his own world, heading towards the horizon on the road to everywhere and nowhere all at once. Once a monochrome existence, he’s found himself now submerged in a vivid technicolour dream world. Wherever it leads, he’ll find out soon enough.