After being marooned in a small beach town in Brazil at the start of the pandemic, California-born Gene On Earth eventually made it home to Berlin. As the reality of the global situation sunk in, he set to work on his second album, working in an obsessive daily rhythm. After gathering an arsenal of samples and inspiration he returned to the studio for 5 months of feverish work. Set for release on June 3rd via his own imprint Limousine Dream, ‘Time on The Vine’ is a slick record delivered with the laid-back warmth of a producer at the top of his game. Breezy yet assured, its wonky minimal rhythms are as feel good as they are fun, a perfect antidote to the long and waning pandemic that birthed them.

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Flux Deluxe
Chuggy Elements

‘Chuggy Elements’ Music Video

Video by Angela Kirkwood

I’ve dreamt of bringing GOE to life for quite some years now, and as we release this third and final album single, ‘Chuggy Elements,’ that dream has finally come true thanks to the wonderfully talented Angela Kirkwood in full glorious live action technicolour animation. I gave her just a slight idea of what we’re all about and she churned out this absolute beauty. Check out her other vids on her website as they really are wonderful. Arrivederci.

– Gene

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