The Sound of Limo long-player is back featuring 12 cuts across three vinyls from Sweely, tINI, Gene, and a cast of players ranging from seasoned veterans to innovative newcomers. Don’t hold your horses – get these nugs in your bag.

Various Artists – Purveyors Of The Hypnotic Groove

A1. Jhobei – Slippery Nip

A2. Dolly – Black Sugar Fresh Milk

B1. Sweely – Gedup (And Move Your Butt)

B2. Velvet Velour – Breeze

C1. Gene On Earth – Piranha Club

C2. Garrett David – All Night (Opulence)

D1. tINI – So High

D2. Will & Batty – The Goose

E1. Rancel – Futuristic Flair

E2. Duowe & Picasso – Spill The Tea

F1. Huerta – Freak Emotion

F2. Darren Roach – I’m A Visitor

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